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You need an experienced and supportive editor to ensure:


   Your voice and tone shine

   Your message comes across crystal clear

   Your material speaks to your target audience


   Your writing is as compelling as it is accurate with regards to

   grammar, spelling and punctuation

   Your style is consistent and polished


My career has been one long love affair with words. From working in communications, PR and branding to teaching English and writing books, I love everything to do with words  and their power to move, inform, persuade and inspire. Equally, I love working with writers to support them in creating beautifully crafted, targeted and powerful pieces of writing that express exactly what they need to express. 

I edit all types of work - books, articles, bios, website content, reports and more. For non-fiction, I have experience in the topics of feminism, human rights and environmental sustainability. Why not call to find out more about my editing style and if we can be a good match for one another?

"Charlotta has been invaluable to me and my team of researchers providing leadership, a critical perspective, and an extraordinary eye for detail. Her work is profoundly shaped by her human centred values ensuring that connection, empathy, and intelligence underpins the support she provides. I overwhelmingly recommend her editing services and continue to be a valued client."

- Prof Kathleen Richardson, De Montfort University


"I have called upon Charlotta for her support on a number of creative writing projects and have always found her advice and recommendations to be invaluable. Extremely attentive, she has listened carefully to my concerns to understand my intentions with the work, and provided thorough and insightful feedback. She is gracious and truly invested in the work she takes on and makes the revision process not only painless but enjoyable."

- Catherine Stephenson, author


Examples of editing work:


Co-Editor of Man-made Women: the sexual politics of sex dolls and sex robots, Palgrave Macmillan, 2022

Past Editor of Homeless in Europe magazine

ENAAT: 'A Militarised Union - understanding and confronting the militarisation of the European Union' (2021)

Stanley/Stella: 'Our Path to Sustainability' (2021)

Websites: College of Architecture and Design, Solvakem, EFCA



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