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You need a supportive editor to ensure:


   Your paper written by multiple authors flows flawlessly

   Your website is engaging and persuasive

   Your book is ready to send to the publishers

   Your thesis is first class


Your material may need a radical overhaul, with substantial changes in structure.


Or it may simply need a spell check.


Let me help you.

Examples of clients & experience:


Stanley/Stella: Annual Sustainability Report (2020, 2021)

ENAAT: EU Anti-Militarization Booklet

The European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations: Website


 Past Editor of Homeless in Europe magazine

 Co-Editor of academic feminist book to be published in Dec 2022  by Palgrave Macmillan

"Charlotta has been invaluable to me and my team of researchers providing leadership, a critical perspective, and an extraordinary eye for detail. Her work is profoundly shaped by her human centred values ensuring that connection, empathy, and intelligence underpins the support she provides. I overwhelmingly recommend her editing and coaching services and continue to be a valued client." - Prof Kathleen Richardson, De Montfort University.

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