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Business Clients:




College of Architecture and Design


SOL graphic design

A native speaker of English, you need support to:

  Clarify ideas for an article

  Write inspiring copy that reflects you and your values

  Finish your book or get over writer's block

A non-native speaker of English, you need to:

   Pass an exam or get through an interview

   Give a presentation

   Pitch your services to a new client


I offer one-to-one motivating coaching sessions that are entirely tailored to your needs and your timetable.


You’ll find that being coached and having the opportunity to brainstorm, sharpen concepts and get inspired in a nourishing and encouraging environment will help you feel more confident, clarify your ideas and get over any blocks you may have in communicating.

Sessions can be held online, at my office in Uccle, or at your office (in the Brussels South area).

What my clients say:

“As a writing coach I give Charlotta my highest endorsement. She is the perfect combination of fully supportive and encouraging while also holding me to a higher standard. She is able to consistently help me wade through my muddled ideas so I can produce a concise, perfectly crafted and polished final result that truly speaks to my audience.” - Allyson Scammell, Master Certified Coach.

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