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Business Clients:



SOL graphic design

You need support to:

  Pitch your services to a new client

  Practice a job interview 

  Give a press conference

  Present yourself authentically on your website/social media

  Fully understand and incarnate your real message/ personal     

  identity and how to communicate it

I offer one-to-one coaching sessions in a safe and nurturing environment. The sessions are entirely tailored to your goals, your needs and your pace.


You’ll find that being able to brainstorm ideas, sharpen concepts and practice in an encouraging and welcoming space will help you clarify your thoughts, feel more confident and get over any blockages you may have in defining your message and communicating the real you.

Sessions can be held online, at my office in Uccle, or at your office (in the Brussels South area).

Let's meet.

"I highly recommend Charlotta for communication coaching. Her expertise in drafting clear messages and her attentive listening skills were instrumental in helping me prepare a powerful 3-minute pitch. She skillfully identified the key elements of our story to highlight and provided valuable guidance on structuring the presentation, tone of voice, posture, and speech pace. Thanks to Charlotta, I felt confident and well-prepared for my communication challenge in front of a very large and important audience" - Manon, tech entrepreneur

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